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Virtually everything you need to know about how to write grammatically correct sentences in English.

Writing is the most underrated language learning practice. A quote I recently came across: "Writing is nature's way of telling us how lousy our thinking is". So true, so very true.

This course is not about creative writing. This video course is about how to write grammatically correct sentences in English. Even low-intermediate level learners of English should be able to follow the instructions given in this course.

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Vladimir Skenderoff
Vladimir Skenderoff

mastered English as an adult

12+ years of teaching English

20,000+ individual lessons

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between this video course and the chapter on Writing in your book VIRTUALLY NATIVE?
The video course is a visual demonstration of the writing techniques covered in my book - writing is visual, you need to see it. Plus, there is an additional technique not covered in the book.
Will this course teach me punctuation?
No. Punctuation is something you learn on your own through lots of reading and noticing how people use the punctuation marks. Plus, our second language punctuation skills are very much related to our native language punctuation skills. If you are good at using punctuation in your native language, you should be able to figure out English punctuation on your own.
Will this course teach me spelling?
No. Spelling is something you need to learn through a lot of practice. Plus, every word processor comes with a built-in spellchecker.
What level of English should I have to sign up for this course?
B1 level. Every video comes with English subtitles. If you understand my YouTube videos then you will have no problems understanding this course.

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